June 20, 2024

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Time Clocks and Time Tracking

Many new tools have evolved with time to track work hours in this fast developing technology world. One common term used for many of them is Timeclock. The funny part is when you search for the term “Time Clock” in Google, you result in viewing website informations from the world of clock manufacturers, however the moment you combine the two words that is “Timeclock” the search result page is loaded with website information of companies providing you software and gadgets to track employee time.

Thats how it goes, a single character space changes the entire industry in the search result page. Well, when you move further, into the website for “Timeclock”, you find gadgets used to track employee time. Gadgets like swipe cards, biometrics are all there for the taking. So many gadgets, so much technology development to track the working hours of an employee. Man, life was very easy the olden days, just a watchman with a register to enter your in and out time, another accountant to manually calculate them all. Everything was so simple. At times a thought pops up into the mind that is technology easy or manual work simple.

No hard feelings, hats off to all those who keep developing these new advanced technology based solutions to automate our work process. No success is accomplished without pains and we have hundreds and thousands of people working day in and day out to develop all these new advanced tools all around the world.

Maybe the approach is different, simplicity and automation cannot go hand in hand.