July 12, 2024

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Tech Support For Vista Solution

Tech Support For Vista Solution

You are not only the one who wants to squeeze optimum functionality from Vista. In fact, there is probably no more resounding criticism of Vista than about its sluggish performance. Vista is often accused of being the most bloated operating system with various functional bugs. There are many things to do to make your Vista fly, even tech support professionals talk about some specialized tools to work on Vista, but here we will only discuss about the simpler and easier ones.

First you need to check your computer memory status. Though Microsoft stated the minimum RAM capacity of 1GB, the reality is Vista needs at least 2 GB to work optimally. To increase your RAM memory first if it’s not adequate. Now, you don’t have to be a techno geek to perform the task. Online tech support companies can help you upgrade the RAM with step by step instructions. However, before going with RAM upgrade, you can change your virtual memory settings to free up some space. The system operating system, here the Vista, monitors virtual memory by default. But your can fiddle with the settings to see if your PC performance get boosted.

So, how to alter the settings? As tech support professionals direct, first you need to open the control panel and click on System and Maintenance. In System, you will get a task panel where you need to click on Advanced System Settings. Now you need to go to Performance section and click on the Advanced tab. Now on Settings you need to look for Virtual Memory and hit the Change. Now you need to uncheck the box stated “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”. Open the drive that contains the file you want to change and set your desired size by clicking on “Custom size”.

If your PC still keeps freezing, some bugging errors might be running inside. In most cases, as tech support professionals diagnose, the problem can be related to your Windows registry system. Over time, as you go on installing and uninstalling various program files onto your Vista operating system, it happens that few of the programs don’t get installed properly and corrupts parts of your registry in turn.

Vista does not come up with registry cleaner application inbuilt and therefore you need to get one from outside. Free registry cleaners are available online that you can download and install in your PC. Paid and registered versions can also be purchased which are mostly recommended for assured performance. But it is always advisable that you perform the registry cleaning task under expert supervision since even a little error can cause serious consequences.

Online tech support professionals help you schedule periodic PC maintenance task like disk clean-up, defragmentation, system scanning etc. Some of the popular remote computer support companies offer complete PC health check up and PC tune-up support service which includes the above maintenance tasks. You can either subscribe with the remote computer repair service package or can get specific service as it needed. Search over net and get an effective solution to your Vista issues.