May 28, 2024

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Quick and Easy Tips to Make Your Mobile Emails Friendly

With the rise in the consumption of mobile phones, tablets and smart phones, marketers have discovered a new avenue for their promotional schemes. Mobile marketing is an effective and efficient way of getting the message across. As per the statistics of email service provider Litmus, about 44{d9af91d10cbbffe076d8ad234b2e08eef4ad6e717c0eb3b77e0c57618be15d67} people use gadgets other than desktop for accessing email and the percentage is expected to rise in the coming years.

Emails these days are being used extensively for business and personal use. Regardless of the intention of the sender, an email must be platform independent as you cannot be sure on which gadget your email will be read. Therefore, an email must be composed in such a manner that it can be read comfortably by the reader on their mobile phones. The following are some of the tips that you must take into consideration for making your emails mobile friendly.

1. Cut down the Content and Keep It Simple

First and the foremost rule is to keep your email concise and to the point. People these days check email on the go and they can get stuck into varied situations. If the content of the email is long, chances are that it will not be read completely. Secondly, the subject of the email should be attractive to entice the reader into opening up your email.

2. Avoid Using Multiple-Column Template

The design of the email should be simple and based on a single column template rather than stretched over multiple columns. This makes the reading quick and save the recipient from the trouble of scrolling and zooming inside out. The advantage of the single column template is that it makes the navigation through the email quick while keeping the reader engaged.

3. Make the Call for Action Loud and Clear

As the first and the foremost rule is to keep the email concise. Therefore, you cannot overload too much information into a single email. You have to make use of links and buttons to direct readers to another webpage.

You have to keep the call for action loud and clear. What do you want your reader to do? If you want them to click on a specified link or a button, tell them. Inform them. If your email is about any special offer, which involves buying of a product, then inform the reader about it. Make sure that there is single call for action in an email not two. Avoid stacking links or button at the end of the email. Restrict the number to one or two and ensure that the call for action is at a prominent place and easy to click.

4. Keep Font Size Large

The experience of reading an email on a desktop is entirely different than that of a mobile phone. Keep the font size such that it is optimal for both of the platforms. Preferably, the font size for the body should be 11pt and for the heading 22pt. Also, the font color should be a darker shade with a lighter background.

5. Insert Image

Insert image to an email if required instead of having it as an attachment. Opening an attachment on mobiles takes a lot longer depending on the internet speed. However, do check the design layout of an email before sending it out to the reader.

The formatting and placement of the image must be such that it does not override the content of the email. Company logo can also be used in an email, as it will reinforce the brand name. Again, its placement should be prominent and must not mess up the simplicity of an email.

By following these simple guidelines and tips, you will be able to compose a mobile friendly email while using your laptop. It just requires a little thought process and focus on design layout. By keeping it simple, you will be able to achieve your purpose.

Once you have incorporated above-mentioned tips, you need not have to worry about how your email will be read. Will it be a matter of confusion or a disappointment?