July 12, 2024

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Most Popular Camera Tripods in the Market

Most Popular Camera Tripods in the Market

A tripod is a user-friendly device used to hold the camera and other related gadgets while clicking images and recording videos. It is a highly portable three-legged frame, which is used to support the weight and maintain the stability of various imaging devices. The gadget offers constancy against horizontal forces and downward forces and movements about horizontal axes.

Almost every leading brand is involved in the introduction of tripods today. The gadgets launched today support a number of features to enable users accomplish better results in all types of photography projects.

Let us throw light on the features of some best camera tripods available in the market.

Sony VCT-80AV
The VCT-80AV remote control is a latest gadget from Sony. It offers an ultimate support to the camera. The presence of a remote control operation feature further enhances the performance of the device. You can use the remote directly from the tripod handle. Users can easily adjust the zoom speed by tilting the lever and by using the guide frame feature for aligning and framing the shots. The gadget supports an oil fluid head that provides extremely smooth pans and tilts.

The VCT-PG11RMB is another two-stage aluminium-alloy tripod mainly used with the HVR-V1U, HVR-Z1E, DSR-PD170P and HVR-A1E Mini-DV camcorders. The gadget supports a RM-1BP remote LANC controller for fingertip control of focus, zoom and recording functions. It also features a 75mm levelling ball-mount for fast setups. There is a dual-tubed upper stage to provide a better torsional resistance. The mid-level spreader offers a great vertical strength in all situations.

Libec LS60
It is a moderately-priced and fully featured gadget used widely these days for providing support to a variety of imaging devices. It is a two-stage aluminium alloy tripod system. The H60 fluid head provides fixed counterbalance, two-step fluid drag and a sliding camera plate capable of accommodating different camera configurations.
These are some of the latest gadgets helping photographers expect more from their photography.

The best of all is, these gadgets are today available online. In the past, the retail outlet was the only medium to grab these devices. But with the emergence of innumerable online electronic stores, it has become easy to find and purchase the devices online. Moreover, customers come across a plenty of options in terms of makes, models and brands. They can even compare different products and pricing details using the price comparison tools available online.