July 12, 2024

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Mask Making For Kids

Mask Making For Kids

We all know how amazing technology is nowadays and it really is astounding how fast it’s advanced in such as short space of time. But for all the wonders of technology, getting your child making and creating will teach them far more than the snazziest gadgets ever will.

People tend to look at the latest children’s toys, software and apps and think they’re going to equip children with amazing skills and teach them new and exciting things. This may be true in some part but the main underlying theme is for the child to follow a set of predetermined actions. So no matter how cool the technology is, all that’s really happening is they’re just following instructions either by clicking, touching or pressing buttons, be they virtual or real.

They may seem to be teaching them new skills and the blurb on the box or in the manual will no doubt excel the virtues of the latest gadget on the child’s development. But it’s usually the case of the more it says it does, the less the child will actually learn from it. We all want our children to grow up to be creative, imaginative and innovative and in terms of developing a free thinking mind a child needs as few instructions, commands or rules to follow when playing as possible.

That’s where mask making comes in, it encompasses a myriad of skills that help forge a child’s development. They’ll use drawing, painting and making skills, helping improve their dexterity and concentration. They’ll develop their social skills playing with other children. They can learn all about wildlife while acting out the different animal masks. They’ll also get exercise when running, hopping, stomping and jumping around as whatever animal they are. But best of all there’s no real rules to follow, they can decorate the masks as they like and let their imagination takeover creating all sorts of wonderful games.

The early years are the most important and while their brain is developing they’re eager to learn new and exciting things. It may seem a simple enough activity and essentially it is, but they will learn very important skills from playing and making masks, more than any $100+ new gadget that’s just hit the marketplace will ever teach them.

There’s some great apps and websites out there for kids to learn and play with, so of course there’s a time and place for these activities. Finding a happy medium between both new technology and the old classics will result in a balanced, outgoing and well rounded child.