May 22, 2024

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LG KF700 & Samsung F480 Tocco – Choose the Best

In this article, we will be discussing about the features, specialties and advantages of the highly advanced LG KF700 and Samsung F480 Tocco mobile phones. This interesting comparison between LG KF700 vs Samsung Tocco is the main topic for discussion in this article.

Today is world of mobile phones and they are the highly advanced gadgets accepted by every one as the most commonly used interacting medium. Through these amazing devices, the communication network has become more efficient and super fast. Only these are the most basic and commonly used mediums which allow users to talk with their dear and near ones living at any corner of this world. These easy carrying devices have also changed with time and has become more advance yo meet the increasing demand of customers. The technological growth has made these devices so efficient and useful that now anyone can talk, message and email his friends and can also do photography and listen to music. In addition, it is enriched with the advance GPRS, EDGE and various other connectivity options to share data and files at a very fast speed.

Here are many companies producing latest mobile phones embedded with latest technologies and functioning. One of the leading company is LG, which is famous for its extremely advance and beautifully crafted mobile devices. Among various amazing mobile phones, One of the most popular gadget of LG is LG KF700, which is a superb quality phone with so many exciting features. This wonderful mobile machine is 110 grams in weight and comprises of dimensions 102 x 51 x 14.5 mm. The LG KF700 looks extremely fabulous with its large TFT screen, which can display 256K colours. This fantastic handset is available in market in alluring black colour. The most mesmerising feature of this fantastic handset is 3.15 megapixels camera, which is highly powerful and is capable of capturing superior quality photographs. This superb quality camera is also gifted with so many latest camera features like auto focus facility, image stabiliser, secondary video call camera and many more options which make users perfect in photography.

The LG KF700 also comprises of highly advance options for data and document sharing, which includes class 10 GPRS, HSPDA, v1.2 Bluetooth and USB. Through these fantastic connectivity features it becomes easier to users if to send and receive files from other mobile phone. To offer more enjoyment, this wonderful mobile machine is endowed with various great quality entertainment features like FM radio and MP3 Player, through which they can relax for a while and can take an interesting break between their work.

Another leading mobile manufacturing company is Samsung, which is also famous for producing great quality mobile phones. One of the amazing mobile devices of Samsung is Samsung Tocco, which is highly alluring and beautiful mobile device containing several wonderful features. It has 100.6 grams weight and has dimensions 98.4 x 55 x 11.6 mm. It consist of an fascinating TFT screen which looks quite impressive and can show shades up to 256K colours.

Its highly interesting feature is its 5mega pixels camera with so many camera options like auto focus, flash and video capturing facility. Overall, this Samsung Tocco is an extremely fabulous mobile phone comprises of all the modern functionalities and features. It is also embedded with various advance data sharing options to ensure better connectivity, which include class 12 GPRS and EDGE, HSDPA,v2.0Bluetooth and USB. The instant messaging options like SMS, MMS allow users to communicate in a more effective and smart way. This wonderful mobile phone Samsung Tocco is also endowed with camera face detection and so many other advance features like document viewer, organiser and many more.

The LG KF700 vs Samsung Tocco competition will last for a long time as both the mobile phones are best in all the features and have their own importance.