July 12, 2024

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Let’s Talk About Lasers!

Let’s Talk About Lasers!

No, I’m not talking about the ray gun from Star Trek. Although that would be cool to have around! We have come along way from just dreaming about what it would be like to use laser technology on our everyday life. Now, we use laser technology on almost about anything. From getting rid of your unwanted body hairs, fixing your eye site, getting rid of unattractive wrinkles you may have, and many other great technological advancements.

One particular device that got my attention just little over a year ago was the development of a Bluetooth Virtual Laserkey keyboard. My first thought was “This is Awesome!” then naturally, I started thinking about the pros and cons of this little gadget. Now, before I could do that though, I needed to get a hold of one. I knew that if I just wait a few months or so, there will be reproduced or what I’d like to say the cheaper versions of the product being manufactured for distribution. What can I say, I’m frugal with everything I purchase. I didn’t buy it until recently but let me give you the rundown on this way cool little gadget.

There are a few versions of this way awesome bluetooth virtual laserkey keyboard out in the market right now. But the one that I end up purchasing was The Celluon Laserkey CL850BT. This little baby has made my mobile text usage so much easier! Except while driving, which you should never drive and text anyways. The celluon laserkey CL850BT is compatible with to almost everything. You can connect it to your pocket PC, palm, smart phones or PC via bluetooth or serial port! It is projects into a full-out keyboard on any flat surface and it even comes with a built in mouse feature! It is powered by a compact lithium-ion battery.

So let’s Break down the Pros and Cons for this little gizmo:


  • The celluon laserkey CL850BT projects a bright and cool laser keyboard onto any flat surface.
  • Super Travel Friendly
  • Sleek design
  • Convenient


  • Limited compatible devices
  • A little on the pricey side

Alright with that said, The celluon laserkey CL850BT is probably one of the coolest new gizmos out in the market! But like any new technology, Its only a matter of time until a new and better bluetooth virtual laserkey keyboard comes out! What I really want to see is the the virtual desktop system that Ben Affleck’s character reverse engineered on the movie Paycheck!