May 25, 2024

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How To Speed Up Windows Media Player Load Time – 3 Steps To Make Windows Media Player Load Up Faster

Programs which load up slowly on your PC are not only annoying, but can be extremely detrimental to your work & other computer-related activities. Although this problem is extremely common, the fact is that most people just don’t have any idea about how to resolve the issue on your system. If you find that your programs are loading slowly, you need to be able to repair the issues that are causing the long load time – which can be done quickly and easily following the steps outlined in this tutorial.

Windows Media Player is one of the most common Windows programs that take a long time to load up. The issue, like with most Windows software, is all to do with how your computer uses the software, as well as how many system resources it requires to run. The way to make Windows Media Player load up faster is just the same as speeding up any other program on your PC, and here’s how….

The way to make this software load up quicker is to first ensure that the software is correctly installed on your PC, and then that there are not further issues leading the problem to show. If you want to be able to boost the load speed of a particular type of software, it’s important that you are able to get it running as smoothly as possible on your system, which is done by re-installing the program and then fixing any Windows errors that could be leading it to run slower.

The first step to making WMP (Windows Media Player) load up faster is to re-install it. The likelihood is that somehow, your system has either damaged or corrupted the files & settings the player needs to run, and therefore leads your computer to continually run much slower when it tries to load it up. The easiest and most effective way to resolve this problem is to click onto Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove programs and remove Windows Media Player from your PC. Then download the latest version from Microsoft and install it again.

The second step to making Windows Media Player load up faster is to then use an anti-virus scanner and a registry cleaner tool to fix the various errors that may be causing the player to load up slowly on your system. Antivirus tools will remove any viruses which may have infected your system and causing Windows Media Player to load up slowly, and registry tools will basically fix any of the errors & issues which may be inside the registry database. The registry database is a central storage facility which keeps all the files, settings and options for your system inside. Because of this database’s importance, many Windows systems actually end up saving many parts of it in the wrong way – leading your system to run much slower and with a lot of errors. To ensure this problem is not leading your PC to slow down, you need to be able to use a registry cleaner program to fix the various errors your computer has.