May 28, 2024

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Apple iPhone vs Samsung Armani – Fabulous Handsets

These days there has been an increased hype and demand of the fashionable phones which not only look stunning but are also great in terms of performance and utility. The totally fascinating and efficient high end phones which have enticed the mobile phone users are Apple iPhone and Samsung Armani.

Samsung Armani is a truly incredible handset with its wonderful features and highly fashionable design. The handset looks admirable with its wonderful and stylish looks. This innovative mobile has been crafted keeping in consideration the needs of the highly fashion conscious users who want to own a stylish handset that exudes elegance. This phone is loaded with an amazing touch screen interface that gives immense ease to access the phone’s menu with a single touch. You will be astounded by the highly luxurious and mesmerizing style of this fashion phone. Designed by the most celebrated fashion designer Giorgio Armani, this device is certainly a class apart. Users admire its wonderful functionalities and awesome performance. The handset comes in elegant and sturdy casing which gives it completely sophisticated look. It comes in a compact design and measures 10.5 mm x 54.5 mm x 87.5 mm. The handset weighs only 85 grams. It features an advanced 2.6 inches large touch screen that offers great display with high resolution and clarity.

The handset comes with wonderful QWERTY keypad that is extremely useful and lets you type the email messages with great ease. It has high memory capacity of 60 mega bytes and also provides a memory card slot for the MicroSD card with which the memory of the device can be further expanded. The high fashion Samsung Armani phone comes with advanced music player that offers the users wonderful music experience. The users can also listen to the awesome programs and chat shows by tuning to their favourite radio station with the help of the built in FM radio. The phone is equipped with 3 mega pixel camera with which the users can easily shoot videos and click still images. The gadget has enhanced features like auto focus and flash light and digital zoom. The phone also comes with the Bluetooth wireless connection that offers hassle free connectivity to the various compatible devices.

Apple iPhone from the most renowned brand in the field of technology is the high end stylish looking phone which is endowed with amazing features. The device gives the users incredible experience with its awesome internet features and advanced multimedia applications. This handset features advanced touch screen interface that gives complete ease and comfort to the users. The sleek and stylish Apple iPhone appeals to the people who demand a sophisticated handset. This incredible phone comes with advanced Wi-Fi with which the users can easily access the Internet. The iPhone features a 2 mega pixel camera with which home videos and amazing pictures can be shot with great ease. This amazing gadget comes with advanced features like Bluetooth and USB port for connectivity with other devices and PCs. The phone comes with highly efficient music player with which various music tracks can be enjoyed. With the help of iTunes the users can easily download new songs and music tracks.